Welcome to a unique conference experience

A unique blend of Norwegian tradition and nature, with over 160 paintings by the well known Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen lining the walls, brings you into a world you can only find in this building. A place where guests will feel like home and taken care of.

Askeladdens Hus, a separate handmade timbered 1,200 m² building of , is used exclusively by one group at a time. With its five meeting rooms, wine cellar, restaurant and kitchen, this is truly the best place for your special occasions in Oslo.



Andersnatten, named after a mountain in Sigdal municipality, also our largest meeting room. There we can accommodate up to 86 people. In addition to Andersnatten we have four smaller meetingrooms that are also named after places Theodor Kittelsen has lived and inspired the amazing works of art that we know so well today.

Relaxation area

The relaxation area is spacious and peaceful. There is dedicated staff who only takes care of you, who also ensures that you have everything you may need or miss during the whole meeting.

Coffee, tea, water and fruit will always be available.

Food & Beverage

Askeladden’s house has a restaurant, private kitchen and a bar. Our goal is local, varied and tasty food. The feedback from our guests shows that we’ve succeed.

The Hotel

By having the whole house alone, you’ll find inspiration and peace. There is a tunnel that takes you from Askeladden’s house to the hotel. All check-ins and check-outs takes place right here. The tunnel will easily lead you to the rooms, and we’ll always make sure your room is nearby.

Send us a inquiry and we’ll gladly show you what Askeladden’s house has to offer.