Festivities in the Askeladden House

For any special occasion to be celebrated, the Askeladden House with its Fairytale room and adjacent salons will create the perfect setting. For any celebrations, business gathering or events.


If you’re thinking about getting married, look at The Askeladden House – something more romantic and unique it’s hard to find. Our own restaurant coordinator helps the couple and toastmaster to plan one of the most memorable day of their life.


If there’s a special occasion to be celebrated, The Askeladden House’s dining room will provide with a perfect ambience. 

If you haven’t startet with your wedding plan yet. Feel free to contact our bookingdepartment for restaurant by sending us an email: lunde@soriamoria.no


We offer several different combinations of wine tasting.

Winetasting with our sommelier or winetasting with food, specially paired with the wine.

Mainly this is held in the Wine Cellar at The Askeladden House, where 6 to 12 people can test the palate.