Summer activities for businesses

Jump from Holmenkollen with a zipline

With Kollensvevet, you can experience the stomach-dropping sensation that only a jump in the Kollen can provide. In a zipline, you take off and soar down, passing both the K-point and the stands, and land on the other side of the hill.

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In 2020, it was 80 years since Norway was attacked in 1940, and 75 years since the liberation in 1945. Roseslottet is an art installation and an educational project that aims to tell the story of the occupation of Norway and the fundamental principles of democracy, the rule of law, and humanism that were suspended at the time. Photo: Sandbox

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Do you want to test how accurate your company is? Then biathlon in Holmenkollen is right on target! Get a taste of the biathletes’ challenges on the shooting range and test yourselves in various shooting competitions. This activity requires no prior knowledge or shooting experience, and all training will be provided on-site.

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Oslo Summer Park

At Skimore Oslo, they have the ingredients and expertise to provide you with a unique experience. Here, you can enjoy activities starting from 2 hours, but why not spend an entire day in the forest?

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Bull aktiv

Bring your colleagues to a team-building concept where teamwork, problem-solving, and physical abilities are put to the test. A social event with informal competitions that also trigger participants’ competitive instincts.

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Kayak Wet Card Course

A challenging and fun activity in the beautiful Oslo Fjord. Wet card courses are organized by Strand Kayak Club, which has all the facilities, boats, and related equipment suitable for everyone. A wet card course provides a basic introduction to kayak handling, paddling technique, and all participants receive a valid wet card certificate upon completion.

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Activity Trail Safari Adventures

Safari Adventures offers very exciting and active activities such as rappelling, activity trail, or RIB boat tours in the Oslo Fjord.

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At Holmenkollen National Park, there’s an 18-hole disc golf course that you can play on completely free of charge. It’s just a 30-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from the hotel. Would you like to try one of Norway’s fastest-growing sports? There’s an option to rent frisbees at the hotel.

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Cockpit Event Activity Trail

Cockpit Event creates fun scavenger hunts and other types of puzzles. They have extensive experience in team building.

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Hiking in Nordmarka

Right outside the door of Soria Moria, you’ll find the beautiful Nordmarka. Whether you want to go for a few hours or a full day, you can take a look at our page here to see all the available hiking opportunities.

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