Soria Moria Hotel is a conference center located up on Voksenkollen. Up here at the height, you will find fresh mountain air and a view you won’t get tired of. Nordmarka is right next door, and it only takes 35 minutes by subway to get to places like Jernbanetorget.

The hotel opened in 1983 and is still an independent foundation. It started as an educational center aimed at increasing knowledge among Norwegian doctors. Shortly after, the doors opened to everyone, and since then, Soria Moria has hosted over 20,000 conferences for both large and small gatherings.

With so many conferences under our belt and years of experience, we can confidently say that conferences are something we excel at. Soria Moria Hotel is a conference center, not a hotel with conference facilities. Here, you will receive personal and professional assistance before, during, and after the conference.

Soria Moria Hotel offers an impressive selection of 25 meeting rooms in various sizes, all with natural daylight and flexible seating arrangements. Our dedicated conference coordinators are ready to assist you in finding the perfect space that suits you and your group. Whether it’s a large conference or a smaller workshop, you can expect professionalism, comfort, and top-notch service from us. We look forward to welcoming you to Soria Moria Hotel and our excellent meeting rooms.


The Main Hall(Storesal) is the hotel’s largest meeting room and stands out with its impressive size, elegant design, and natural light. The room has an airy atmosphere and a fantastic window that provides a panoramic view of the Oslo Fjord and Bærum. With this beautiful scenery as a backdrop, the Main Hall creates an inspiring and calming atmosphere that is ideal for productive meetings, creative discussions, and strategic decision-making. Whether it’s a conference, workshop, or meeting, the Main Hall will provide a unique experience and contribute to the success of any event.

    • 260 square meters / 146 people in classroom setup / 237 in theater setup / 40 in U-shaped table setup
    • Separate mezzanine with seating for 54 people
    • Height-adjustable stage / audio and visual technology / video facilities


Our spacious and airy meeting rooms are bathed in natural daylight and offer a flexible seating style that adapts to the purpose and needs of each individual meeting. We have invested in modern and elegant design to create visually appealing and functional meeting spaces. Whether it’s a large presentation or an interactive workshop, we can customize the room to accommodate various events. With optimal comfort and freedom of movement, we create a dynamic and engaging meeting atmosphere. Our dedicated team is always available to help you tailor the meeting room to your needs. Whatever the purpose of your meeting, our spacious, airy meeting rooms with ample daylight and flexible seating will provide an ideal setting for a successful and productive gathering.

    • 49-100 square meters
    • Possibility for classroom setup, U-shaped table, theater setup, or groups – according to your preferences
    • Option for video conferencing in some of the meeting rooms


The boardrooms are carefully designed to facilitate effective meetings where good dialogue and face-to-face communication are crucial. The rooms are created with the intention of fostering an atmosphere that promotes productive conversations and collaboration among participants.

In addition to being a functional meeting space, emphasis is also placed on aesthetics. The room’s design considers a professional and modern touch, with high-quality materials and a sleek design that can have a positive impact on meeting attendees.

    • 24-49 square meters
    • 8-15 seating capacity
    • Fixed furniture arrangement around oval tables


The kitchen at Soria Moria Hotel emphasizes a rich, exciting, and diverse culinary experience of high quality. Every human interaction is enhanced through flavorful and inviting meals of the utmost standard.

The restaurant at Soria Moria Hotel impresses with its capacity of 240 seats while offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the Oslo Fjord and Sørkedalen. Our dedicated team of sommeliers, headwaiters, and servers are always available to assist with any inquiries, requests, or guidance, going above and beyond to create a first-class dining experience for all our guests.


“The breakfast is the most important meal of the day” was said many years ago. Here at Soria Moria, we strongly believe in it. We have a wide selection on our breakfast buffet, including eggs, bacon, cold cuts, a yogurt bar, and much more. You will find something to satisfy everyone’s taste.


No batteries last forever, and the same goes for us humans. That’s why we need to replenish our energy along the way. Our abundant lunch buffet offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy your cravings. On very quiet days, we also provide a 2-course lunch option.


When the meeting is over, there’s room for magic. The most important part of a conference is what happens after the meeting ends. That’s why we serve a delicious 3-course dinner with quality ingredients and recommended drink pairings that complement the food being served.


At Soria Moria, we take great pride in providing comfortable and inviting accommodations for our guests. With 156 bedrooms spread across two interconnected buildings, we offer a wide range of options to suit various preferences and needs. Our rooms are thoughtfully designed to ensure a restful stay and a peaceful environment.

When it comes to sleep quality, we believe in offering nothing but the best. That’s why all our beds are sourced from Jensen, a renowned brand that has specialized in crafting high-quality mattresses since 1947. We understand the importance of a good night’s sleep, especially for conference participants who need to be well-rested and alert for productive sessions. To enhance the sleep experience even further, we provide satin beddings that contribute to a soothing and comfortable rest.

In addition to comfortable beds, our rooms are equipped with various amenities to enhance your stay. You’ll find large windows that can be opened to allow in fresh air and natural light, ensuring a pleasant and well-ventilated atmosphere. Each room also features a minibar, TV for entertainment, a spacious desk for work or study, a panel heater for personalized temperature control, and a convenient hairdryer for your grooming needs.


The most important thing that happens at a conference is what occurs after the meeting concludes. After the meeting, you have a golden opportunity to build a positive work environment and foster team spirit. Simply being together with colleagues in a different setting acts as a bonding agent within an organization. We offer activities for those who enjoy competition, those seeking unique experiences, those who prefer informative sessions, those who crave an adrenaline rush, and those who want to indulge their taste buds.