Wedding at Askeladden’s House

In the beautiful surroundings that once inspired the famous artist Kittelsen, you’ll find the idyllic Askeladden’s House. With a romantic location and panoramic views of Nordmarka, you can experience the adventure in real life.

If wedding bells are in your plans, Askeladden’s House is the perfect place to consider. Our dedicated restaurant coordinator is ready to assist couples in planning one of the most significant and unforgettable days of their lives.

You’ll rarely find a more atmospheric and convenient venue. Here, you can create your own unique experience while having the option to stay nearby at Soria Moria.

Askeladden’s House

Askeladden’s House, a separate handcrafted timber building of nearly 1,200m2, is exclusively used by one group at a time. With its private wine room, wine cellar, restaurant, and kitchen, this is truly the ultimate venue for a special and memorable wedding.

Troll hall

After the wedding ceremony, we welcome all the guests into the grand Troll Hall. The impressive height of the ceiling gives the room a majestic atmosphere, and with a roaring fire in the fireplace, a warm and inviting ambiance is created. Here, we serve aperitifs, and if desired, some small, sweet, or savory bites.
Following dinner, we set up coffee, cake, and after-dinner drinks. From here, you’ll have direct access to the bar area and the dance floor.

Fairytale Hall

The Fairytale Hall is the dining room where the dinner is served. This room can accommodate up to 84 people. After dinner, the room is cleared, and there will be after-dinner drinks in the Troll Hall. Meanwhile, preparations are made for a DJ or live music to get the party started.

Bar/living room

You can find the bar and lounge in the room next to the Troll Hall and Fairytale Hall. There are numerous seating areas, a bar, an exit to the terrace, and an original Kittelsen artwork. Bartenders will be available throughout the evening to assist guests with refreshments.


We take pride in our wine cellar and would be delighted to invite guests to it. We offer several different combinations of wine tastings, with or without food pairings that complement the drinks. One of our sommeliers will accompany you and share their expertise. The table in the wine cellar is crafted from an old cognac barrel and can accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

Food & beverage

The wedding dinner is the highlight of this grand celebration. At Askeladden’s, you will have a culinary and enchanting experience that will make your special day truly memorable. Our kitchen places a strong emphasis on high-quality ingredients and accommodates dietary allergies. The wine selection for your meal is handpicked by our sommeliers to perfectly complement the dishes being served